Registration at Inspection21-Home Inspection Institute® is done in person.
Interested candidates can Register to Attend the in person visit via the Inspection21 Website Contact Form found on the Website Contact / Contact Us Page.

A Website Contact Form is required. Interested candidates that do not complete the website contact form will not be permitted to attend registration.

Registration Sign Up Dates & Campus Locations

Interested candidates must present a Valid Driver’s License ONLY
For Identity purposes.
(No Exceptions)

Phone Calls:
As much as we would love to speak with you by phone and answer all of your questions
we just simply are unable to field these calls due to the high level of interest in our
Home Inspection Training Program.
This is exactly why we require the in person visit.
We can communicate much more effectively to all of you in a group setting.

So please, complete the Website Contact Form, and then attend Registration Dates listed on

Methods of Payment:
Inspection21 accepts Checks, Credit Card, and or Cash.

We offer 10 Week Financing through the school
(must be paid within the 10 weeks)