Registration at Inspection21-Home Inspection Institute® is done in person.
Interested candidates can Register to Attend in person visit via the Inspection21 Website Contact Form
found on the Website Contact / Contact Us Page.
(In Person Visit is a Requirement) (Serious Candidates only Please) 

A Website Contact Form is required.

Interested candidates that do not complete the website contact form will not be permitted to attend registration.

Registration Sign Up Dates & Campus Locations

You Are Welcome !
We welcome you to Inspection21-Home Inspection Institute
Many of our students are referrals from former I-21 students or Inspectors that work with us.
We are a Friendly and Fun Training School to Attend and We look forward to You joining us !

We know you have questions, and we have the answers. Please join us for more information.
Registration Dates and Information Sessions are posted on The Campus and Promotion Pages of this website.
We’re here to help YOU make informed decisions and smart ones too. Once You have Enrolled, We get to work together !
NOTE: Not all Registration Sessions are Information Sessions.  (Some of them are Sign Up sessions ONLY)
All that we ask of you is to respect and follow the rules. 

Interested candidates must present a Valid Driver’s License ONLY
For Identity and safety purposes. It is a requirement to attend Registration Sessions.
(No Exceptions)  All that we ask of you is to respect and follow the rules. 

Interested candidates that refuse to follow school rules or protocol will not be considered for enrollment.
Intentional disruptions of registration sessions or classes is not be tolerated and the student or prospective
candidate will be requested to leave the premises. Please leave your devices in your car. We are here to present the services that Inspection21 offers and discuss your home inspection career plans -not watch you play with your I-Pad or cell phone. We’re too productive and having too much fun here to put up with that kind of nonsense.  (No Exceptions)

Phone Calls:
As much as we would love to speak with you by phone and answer all of your questions
we just simply are unable to field these calls due to the high level of interest in our
Home Inspection Training Program.
This is exactly why we require the in person visit. Plus, we thought that you might like to see our school.
We can communicate much more effectively to all of you in a group setting.
Again, All that we ask of you is to respect and follow the rules. 

So please, complete the Website Contact Form, and then attend Registration Dates listed on

Methods of Payment:
Inspection21 accepts Checks, All Credit Cards, and or Cash.

We offer 10 Week Financing through the school
(Must be paid within the 10 weeks)-(At an Additional Cost)
(Additional Information is discussed at Registration)